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The Beauty Mall is a new and revolutionary concept for the Modern Beauty Professional.

We have linked the beauty and practicality aspects in order to create an elegant place where each of The Beauty Artists can have their own identity and their own business. Here at our Mall we offer all the necessary tools so you get the right push to get ahead in an inexpensive and simplified way with our All-Inclusive System. This way you, The Professionals, will focus on the most important issue, Your Clients.

In today's economy, going into a business is highly risky and extremely expensive. Plus if we put together how difficult the administrative part of it is, it may become an unreachable dream for the professional that wants to be independent.

Our All-Inclusive System is effective and achieves all the expectations that a Beauty Professional expects to have in our Mall. You only need to bring your talent and the desire to succeed and The Beauty Mall will give you the keys to open your own beauty salon with the confidence of our Proven System so you can begin to taste The Freedom that each and every one of you crave.

Are you one of those Beauty Professionals? Are you ready to Declare Your Independence? If you answer yes, then find out what we offer you in Our Services.


With our All-Inclusive System you, The Beauty Artist, receive all the basic elements to have a Practical and Functional Beauty Salon. All these are included in your weekly rent and the most important part is you probably will be paying the same or less in Our Mall than renting just a chair in any beauty salon.

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